Optical Research Division - Integrated Research Analyst
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Optical Research Division


For over 25 years, IRA has been an industry leader in conducting behavioral and attitudinal research for the optical industry. We focus on obtaining category, brand and customer insights at the source… the Chain retailer or ECP office. By having the ability to access data at the point where optical product purchase decisions are made by the customer, IRA can design custom research studies to address important marketing questions.

Since 1994 we have supported the industry, including manufacturers, retailers, and associations, across a broad spectrum of learning initiatives. Many of the same approaches and techniques used for our CPG clients in more traditional retail segments can be likewise used in the Optical World.


Shopper Insights

  • Consumer Path-to-Purchase Surveys
  • Consumer Segmentation Analysis
  • Omnibus Surveys

ECP Insights

  • ECP Market Segmentation Analysis
  • Omnibus Surveys
  • Buying Group Loyalty Analysis

Category Insights

  • Industry Sales & Share Tracking/Trends
  • Think About Your Eyes Program Tracking/Trends
  • Merchandising Fixture Effectiveness


Shopper Marketing  & Brand Insights

  • New Package & POS Material Effectiveness
  • Brand Innovation Concept Tests
  • Advertising/Ad Weight Effectiveness
  • Promotion Compliance & Fulfillment
  • Mystery Shopper Analysis



From Exploratory to Evaluation

Custom Designed Real World Research

Controlled Store Test

Determines the impact of a brand or category change, or the effect of a marketing initiative. Used to determine ROI or to establish a fact based selling story.


Store Audits

Provides  a detailed summary of the retail environment and the quality of your retail execution.


Post-Purchase Survey

Purchase feedback obtained via on-pack or call-back surveys to assess product usage, ratings and potential repurchase.

Mystery Shopper

Real World exams/shopping experiences provide in-depth, in-the-moment feedback from qualified consumers

Controlled Mini Market Test

Determines  the potential of a new product, Line extension or brand restage. Allows an overlay of variable testing and marketing mix analysis.


Shopper Observation & Intercept Interviews

Captures the behavior and attitudes of your target audience at the optical store or office, where the purchases and purchase decision are made.


ECP/Retailer Surveys

Feedback from front-line store associates, managers, and ECPs provide perspective related to a brand, category or shoppers. Helps identify some of the more obvious and often overlooked issues and opportunities.

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